Secretary Resources

Secretary Responsibilities

It shall be the duty of the Secretary to take minutes and keep records of all meetings and affairs that take place while he/she is in office, to assist the President in facilitating meetings and chapter events by providing for accommodations as requested, to facilitate communication between officers and members and to perform any tasks or duties assigned by the President. The main goal of the Secretary is to effectively communicate what is going on in your chapter and make sure all members are informed of events, meetings, their membership status, and anything else retaining to the members.

Specific Tasks and Duties

​In a collegiate chapter, the Secretary’s responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintain and Communicate/Advertise an updated Calendar

    • Secretary should publish the calendar and advertise the calendar as designated by the rest of the executive board.

      • Ideas for advertising and maintaining calendars include:           

  • Using a Google Calendar or Outlook calendar that you can share with the membership

  • Send calendar invites through school email

  • Make Facebook events and send invitations for RSVP

  • Post a calendar of events on a bulletin board

  • Taking minutes at General Business meetings & Executive Board meetings

    • Minutes should include:

      • Names and positions of officers in attendance

      • An agenda for the meeting

      • Old business

      • New business

      • Votes and outcomes

      • Announcements

      • Plans for future meetings

    • Post minutes publicly (on Website, Facebook Pages, email, etc.) within 48 hours of meeting for transparency to the membership

* Please see the Minutes Template below.

  • Vote in Business Meetings

    • The Secretary is allowed one vote in all Executive Board and Membership voting decisions in the form of In Favor, Opposed, or Abstention.

    • During discussion of the vote, the Secretary may present their opinion at the discretion of the President or Parliamentarian.

  • Maintain an updated roster of membership & Taking attendance

    • Collect information (name, email, phone number, year in school, major and area of study, and instrument) and compile a document with information

      • Ideas for collecting information include:

        • A Google form with a QR Code for members to scan

        • Information sheets passed out to be filled out at meetings

        • Attendance sheet with columns for each piece of information

    • Create an email list or Facebook group to facilitate communication and make sure that is kept up to date

  • Maintain website/social media pages/groups where information is facilitated

    • These are where information about meetings, events, and attendance can be held and allows members to have a centralized location for information

      • Ideas for maintaining pages include:

        • Posting when there is an event

        • After every meeting/event, updating the roster of membership

        • Utilize: Facebook groups, Facebook Like Pages, School affiliated Student Organization Website (like NoleCentral at FSU), or