President-Elect Resources

President-Elect Responsibilities

  • Maintain a close working relationship with the president

    • Basically, you should be learning as much as possible about how to be the (eventual) president of your chapter.

    • Ask your president intelligent questions, learn how to plan your chapter’s annual events and logistics with those.

  • Begin correspondence with faculty advisor and school officials

    • Your president should include you on emails that they send regarding official business, and if possible, in meetings regarding chapter operations.

  • Develop ideas/initiatives/goals for your chapter

    • As president-elect, you have a unique perspective of not having many specific tasks assigned to you, but also being able to see how your chapter runs on a regular basis. Start to think about things that you would like to see your chapter develop and how you can implement them.

  • Perform any tasks assigned by the president

    • Advocacy - if your chapter doesn’t have a designated advocacy chair or committee, this is a great initiative for the president-elect to spearhead

    • Social media/PR - if your chapter doesn’t have these duties incorporated into a secretary/historian/public relations position, this is a great job for the president-elect

    • Correspondence between chapters - if your chapter plans or hosts events with other chapters/organizations outside your university, a good job for the president-elect could be to act as the correspondent to outside organizations