Chapter Meeting Ideas

Formal Meetings

Guest Speakers: Invite faculty from your school to speak on topics such as:

  • Your first year teaching

  • How to teach band, strings, choir, and elementary/general music. This is great to bring diversity to your chapter members and enhance their knowledge of other areas.

  • Making accommodations for students with disabilities in your programs.

  • How to handle being confused as a student and how to present yourself as a professional.

  • Interview strategies and techniques/resume tips.

  • Parent and Booster organizations in your program.

  • How to advertise your music performances in the community.

  • You may also consider inviting professionals from outside your school's faculty, such as your district or county arts administrator, to host a session on their area of expertise.

Informal Meetings

  • What is CNAfME?

    • What opportunities are available to them through this organization? What resources do they have access to?

      • It would also be a good idea to do an informational session for members who are planning on attending FMEA/Fall Conference/Advocacy Day as each event draws near, but that doesn’t have to be an entire GBM.

      • Networking session: Using a meeting to get everyone talking with each other, exchanging contact information and establishing these professional connections.​

      • Stress management: a session about how to deal with stress as a student and eventually in the work field.

      • Meeting to honor graduating members.  Great way to bring everyone together and create a family type environment.

  • Discussions/activities

    • Advocacy

      • Have a phone call or letter writing party to your representatives/senators/local officials!

      • Discuss ideas regarding what the chapter can do to advocate for music education - social media campaign, campus-wide partnerships, events, etc.

      • This would also be a great topic for a guest speaker about who to advocate to.  Who are the decision makers at the school/county/state and federal level and what type of advocacy gets directed to them.

    • Why we’re doing this

      • Music education is an extremely difficult degree path, and it can be very easy to become discouraged or burned out. Plan a positive activity to encourage your members to stick with it!

      • Share experiences of great music teachers, new and experienced.

      • Remember why you chose this major in the first place. Discuss the reasons you all got involved in music.

    • Plan a session to demonstrate how to use Logic/Pro Tools/other music notation software